INCLUDAS - Inclusive Digital Agriculture Stories

The INCLUDAS platform is a dynamic online container giving access to resources that can help small-scale producers make sense of and benefit from digital agriculture, and solution providers to better cater for small-scale producers. Resources featured here are not definitive solutions or proven tools, but rather good practices, experiences and advice. Experiences are selected because they are considered inclusive and farmer-fair. See what we mean by that here. Read more about the platform here.
Initially, INCLUDAS will be populated with resources produced within and relevant for the Collective Action on Inclusive Digital Agriculture.

Recently added resources

Presentation of the discussion forum on good practices of digital inclusion in agriculture

Presentation on the contents discussed in the forum on good practices of digital inclusion in agriculture, which serves as support material for the subsequent review of successful experiences and good practices of inclusion associated with the cases.

Training capsules on digital tools - introduction

Introduction to the video training capsules on the use of different digital tools for small-scale farmers produced by the Sulá Batsú cooperative in Costa Rica, in Spanish.

Agricultura digital inclusiva - Capacitación - 8. Seguridad Digital

Capsula de capacitatión: La seguridad digital ante todo. Buenas prácticas para una seguridad digital efectiva.

Agricultura digital inclusiva - Capacitación - 7. Redes Sociales

Capsula de capacitatión: 7. Las redes sociales como insumo para construir una comunidad que fortalezca mi negocio agropecuario familiar.