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Ethical and Legal Issues Around Agricultural Data IGAD 2022 GFAR session
Agricultural data flows involve different actors from generation to transformation, enrichment, aggregation and final fruition. These dynamics have ethical, socio-economic, and legal dimensions that affect the way the digitalization of agriculture benefits the various actors, often leaving the…
Good practices
Codes of conduct Toolkit
This Toolkit has the practical purpose of providing the conceptual basis and example clauses for general, scalable guidelines for everyone dealing with the production, ownership, sharing and use of data in agriculture. The initial version contains examples inspired by the four existing codes of…
GFAR white paper cover
White paper published by GFAR, CTA and GODAN in 2018 on the challenges of harnessing the power of data for smallholder farmers. It discusses risk of data sharing, challenges of access to relevant data, opportunities and drivers, and recommendations for making digital agriculture more "farmer-…